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Optimize Your Online Menu

I often speak with restaurant owners on the importance of online restaurant menu optimization. It is the marketing cornerstone of a restaurant. The truth is third party delivery platforms like foodpanda and UberEATS are used by millions of people regularly, and there are ways to leverage these platforms to make your brand stand out, influence ordering choices and convert more customers. 

Keep your menu short and categorized

New (and hungry!) customers take less than two minutes to scan an online menu and generally do not have the patience to scroll through a long menu with a lot of options.  Consider keeping your menu short and concise, with less than thirty items. Analyze your menu and remove unnecessary or unprofitable items that still offer customers variety. Remove items that do not match your brand or no longer fit your demographic. Also, cut down your menu to a few sections for easy navigation. 

Purposefully place your menu items

Make an impact and quickly influence customer selection by strategically placing items on your menu. The top and top right-hand side of your menu is the best location for best-performing items. Also realize that people tend to notice the top and bottom two items in a section, so place your highest margin items in these spots. 

Photography is key 

Make your menu visually appealing, it may be the only place of interaction between your customer and your brand. The importance of great photos that make your food look amazing is so important that I personally recommend 100% of the menu items should have photos if possible. Simply put, sales increase when your menu has photos! 

Descriptions are important too

Remember to use short and accurate food descriptions so your items have the best representation online. Brief, well-written descriptions, along with professional photos,  will build brand equity, increase purchase intent and can increase sales up to 30%!

Improve your exposure via marketing

It is important to generate reviews, as they help you improve your listing on third-party delivery apps. Launching marketing promotions like 20% off or a discount for new customers will help your brand show up in offers sections and carousels of the apps. This helps you generate initial orders, and get reviews that will help you rank organically.

Put your ‘customer’ hat on

Act as a customer and go through the online ordering experience on third-party delivery apps. Notice how restaurants are prioritized and which restaurants catch your eye. If restaurants offering a certain promotion are listed first, consider offering that promotion. If brighter colors are more engaging, consider updating your visual assets.

About 3 SQUARE

3 SQUARE provides tech-enabled, turnkey solutions that are both sustainable and profitable by maximizing utilization and revenue per square foot of kitchen spaces to create great tasting food.

3 SQUARE is creating an ecosystem of support for people’s passion in food, technology and business. We provide an infrastructure and build a network of solutions where we are able to share and pool resources, learn from one another and grow together. From our digital food hall network to our virtual restaurant brands, 3 SQUARE is dedicated to offering services for success and profitability so our partners not only survive, but thrive in the ultra-competitive F&B industry.

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